’83 is the name of the next Antimatter Games game and as we indicated in the title of the article, it is a game that dates back to the times of the Cold War.

Come and see this large-scale shooter, which shows us an alternative reality of the Cold War.

The Cold War was one of the most tense periods in recent world history and is the starting point for British studios based in Cornwall, Antimatter Games (responsible for Killing Floor and Rising Storm: Vietnam).

With the threat of a potential nuclear war on the horizon, there were years of enormous tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. '83 creates an alternative version of history, in which the conflict ends.

It is an FPS whose gameplay puts two squads of players face to face on massive maps. As will be easy to see, the nations concerned will be NATO and the Warsaw Pact.

It is a game whose scale will be massive, not only due to the size of the maps, but also due to the size of the platoons. According to the description of those responsible, we may be facing a game with a number of players very similar to the main Battle Royales on the market.

Each map will have several objectives whose achievement has an effective impact during the battle. Each victory, each defeat, each interrupted supply route ... will have an impact in the course of battles. The conquest and control of the territory is of crucial importance in '83.

Players will have access to a wide selection of equipment and weaponry, inspired by the real models existing at the time. There will also be space for vehicles, both land and air, so the battles will be intense, both in the air and on the ground and coordination will be crucial.

All weapons, will be the careful representation of their real models and have ballistics, penetration, recoil and handling systems developed with special care, making each weapon a unique tool in combat.

Still with no concrete release date, '83 is due out for PC this year.

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