NOS had a hearing on Monday in parliament and Vodafone Portugal is heard today in the parliamentary committee on Economy, Innovation, Public Works and Housing on the process of the new generation 5G technology.

Asked by Lusa about the reason for not having an Altice Portugal hearing on the subject, an official source of the owner of Meo said that the company does not have much more to add about 5G, unless there are changes in posture and rules .

“Given the continuation of the scenario of no dialogue, as well as Anacom’s constant inflexibility [Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações], now duly supported by the tutelage of the sector, we believe that we have already said publicly, and in the relevant forums, those that are our concerns, our indignation, as well as the likely results of this whole process and its devastating consequences “, he added.

Thus, “we consider that we do not have much more to add, unless there is a significant change in terms of postures or the rules of the auction,” said the same source.

“For now, lamenting this whole situation, the serious impacts for Portugal and the sector and, lamenting our country’s inability to adapt its reality to the global reality with regard to 5G, we will wait for this process to proceed and act accordingly. , as already announced, regardless of what the consequences of these actions will be “, concluded an official source.

On Monday, NOS asked the deputies to carry out the abstract inspection of the 5G auction regulation, which, he guarantees, has several unconstitutionalities.

The company has contested, in the image of its competitors (Vodafone and Altice), the regulation launched by the National Communications Authority (Anacom) for the allocation of 5G frequencies, thus appealing to the parliament to request the Constitutional Court to analyze its constitutionality.

Anacom’s performance “is incomprehensible”, “illegal” and “unconstitutional”, guaranteed Miguel Almeida, referring that an “independent administrative authority” cannot make economic policy decisions, something that is up to the Government, he defended.

For the manager, who cited opinions from constitutionalists, the regulation violates several fundamental principles of national law, such as equality and the right to private property.

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