“The best camera is the one you have with you”. This is a popular phrase that expresses well the importance of the moment and the opportunity not wasted.

Bearing in mind that practically everyone has a smartphone in their pocket capable of taking good pictures, it’s time to learn a little better about our photographic capabilities. Most likely, you will be surprised by the quality of the videos and images that these phones can produce.

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However, there are always some tricks and tips that are capable of making all the difference in the final result. Recently the portal AARP has collected a set of expert advice that promises to help you capture incredible photographic memories with a smartphone.

  1. Come closer

Although the most modern smartphones already have a much better optical zoom, the truth is that the only way to get a more personal and close portrait is to move your feet. Avoid using the zoom as this can decrease the resolution and quality of the image. When approaching physically you will be able to capture perfectly all the details and details of the other person’s face.

  1. Pay attention to the light

As a rule, you should never use your phone’s flash. This type of artificial light will create an overexposure of light that will weaken the colors and details of the image. As an alternative you should always use other, more natural lights. Too much sun outdoors can also damage the image so it will be ideal to shoot on days with more clouds.

  1. Shoot horizontally

It may even be simpler to hold the phone vertically and take the photos. However, this will determine that the photos will not look as well when viewed on a computer screen. Always prioritize the horizontal format to avoid losing 40% of your image and not having to have the “black bars” on the sides.

  1. Stabilize your video

When recording a video it is crucial that you are able to hold your phone very well. Although the latest models already have an image stabilization option, the truth is that the way you hold the device will make all the difference in the final quality of your video. You should always use both hands or use a tripod that offers even greater stabilization.

  1. Perfect positioning

Rather than trying to always place the subject in the middle of the photo frame, try it before it is positioned more sideways. This will provide another “strength” to the photographs. You should always try to find new angles that make the images more interesting, otherwise everything will end up looking boring. For the rest, whenever possible try to take pictures without the other person posing. Spontaneity is essential.

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