By abandoning WhatsApp and choosing Telegram or Signal, users end up wanting to keep the features. At the same time, they want, as much as possible, to maintain the same user experience and simplicity to which they have become accustomed.

Of course, this is a possibility and many have already realized it. Even with a unique simplicity, Telegram can be configured differently than usual. Following the tips we present today, they can better use this app and this service from the first moment.

Telegram options WhatsApp configure service

Along with all the features, Telegram can be configured differently. These options when activated will make this service and this app more useful and more interesting to use. These are small points, but they immediately make a difference.

Turn off sync and remove contacts

One of the options that activate immediately is the synchronization of contacts. This is how we know immediately who is present in this service and with whom we can immediately start talking. The question is whether we then want to continue with these data present.

If they regret having done this sharing, they can revert. Open the Telegram menu and choose Settings and then the Privacy and Security option. In this area, near the end, you will find the Contacts area, where you must act. Disable the Synchronize Contacts option and then click on Delete Synchronized Contacts.

For the most annoying Telegram notification

Of the many notifications that Telegram has, one of them goes beyond the logical and the acceptable. It gets boring and is constantly being fired, especially at a time when more and more users are joining Telegram.

Turn off notifications for new users and should be done immediately. Open the Telegram menu and choose the Settings option, then choose Notifications and Sounds. Of the many options present, they must turn off the one associated with Activated on Telegram, which is in the Events area.

Did you forget Telegram on another device?

In addition to the apps we know about Telegram, this service can be used in more ways. We talk about the web version and desktop clients for macOS, Linux and Windows. Of course, we can end up in an unwanted situation, where we leave access open and public.

To avoid such situations, Telegram allows them to leave any active session. Start by opening the Telegram main menu and choose the Settings option. Continue to open the Privacy and Security option. Here, and when choosing Active Sessions, you will see the list of open sessions, choosing which ones you want to close.

Of the many options and configurations of Telegram, these are just 3 of the essentials. If you have now arrived at this service, explore what it has to offer and you will surely realize that you made a right choice when choosing it to replace WhatsApp or another.

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