In a year in which nearly three million face-to-face visits were made to citizen’s stores, the Portuguese also took the opportunity to use the available digital channels. Between January and December, there were about 240,000 requests for renewal of the Citizen Card online and 270,000 changes in address.

Also noteworthy is the growth of the Digital Mobile Key, which has already reached the milestone of 2.5 million. The data indicates that more than 1.5 million of the Mobile Keys are active, “which means that they were in fact used to access some service. The explanation comes in a statement released this Thursday.

With regard to companies, more than 76,000 were processed, with the declaration of healthy & safe establishment for local accommodation being the most popular (10,462). This is followed by the registration of local accommodation (7,574), request for the establishment of an establishment or access to the activity by food and beverage companies (4,489) and the request for the installation of an open terrace (4,431).

According to the Government, in total, the ePortugal portal, managed by the Agency for Administrative Modernization (AMA), allowed more than half a million services to be performed and accumulated over 7 million page views.

With regard to the AMA, the activity of the contact centers also “registered a significant increase”. In 2020, it received a total of 1,760,827 calls and 399,720 emails. With the worsening of the pandemic, telephone lines for citizens and businesses went from an average monthly volume of 54,266 calls and 11,946 emails, in January / February 2020, to more than 160,000 calls and 36,000 emails per month.

In a statement, the Government guarantees that it will continue to “work to bring services closer to people and companies”. To this end, it maintains its commitment to the digital transformation of public administration “in an inclusive manner throughout the territory and improving physical and digital accessibility”.

It should be recalled that recently the Ministry of Justice confirmed that around 150 thousand citizens have already received their documents at home, by sending them by registered mail and exclusively to themselves, thus avoiding travel to the counters. The measure that avoids travel to service desks was announced in September.

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