The year that is now ending has significantly changed the way we use the internet and applications in general. Despite being a transformation forced by the pandemic, the truth is that today we use and enjoy apps like we never imagined before. The arrival of 2021 presupposes that the first balance sheets and retrospectives for the year 2020 are made, but there are also many who look forward to the new year and risk looking at those that they believe will be the trends in the new year.

Thus, the smartphone application industry is no exception to the rule and, as such, some applications are already being indicated that may be the trend or the target of greater number of downloads by users of mobile devices.

Illustration image of mobile applications for 2021

Stay connected longer, use home delivery services, work or study remotely. These are scenarios that are here to stay. Then, to help and leverage these realities, applications that are of added value begin to appear.

E-wallet applications

E-wallets, or electronic wallets, came to revolutionize payment methods. Gone are the days when we had to pay everything in physical money, a period preceded by the advent of credit and debit cards. Currently, these same credit and debit cards are, in one way or another, integrated with the various devices.

With e-wallets, online wallets that allow you to make transactions such as transfers or payments from a simple mobile device, everything is simplified. Want to make an online purchase? And why not pay an invoice in the application?

If the receiving entity permits, you can do so with all the convenience. According to data from eMarketeer, 36% of smartphone users worldwide will use an app for payments. PayPal, EcoPayz and Skrill are examples of brands that stand out in this sector.


Are you a fan of mobile games? So I am sure that you are constantly aware of trends and the ranking of downloads on your smartphone or tablet. There are several games that usually cause a furor, many of them free and that end up becoming a global trend.

After all, who doesn’t remember the fever caused by Pókemon Go when the game was released? A true phenomenon, as are titles like PUBG or Clash Royale. On the other hand, several games of chance present in online casino platforms can also be played in the applications.

With the sector growing exponentially, several titles, especially slot machines, have appeared frequently. Some of titles included among the best online slots are Gonzo’s Quest, which features 3D graphics and very interesting sound effects, and Book of Ra Deluxe, which features a mix of Indiana Jones with an Egyptian theme.

As we can see, the games industry is betting on variety and technologies that bring more and more immersion to players, as 3D elements. Such investment in the technological area demonstrates that the optimization of products and services for applications is just another step that is being taken naturally by this sector.

Streaming service apps

With several services emerging in the market, the streaming sector, whose exponents are companies such as Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime, grew considerably in 2020. The trend is that this upward trajectory will continue in 2021, with all platforms strive to optimize their applications and platforms, in addition to improving and diversifying their offerings in terms of content.

Surely, this path will be the motto for your success and the projection that you have all over the world. As such, optimizing their services for mobile devices is essential, which means that these companies continue to improve the service they provide to their customers.

Applications associated with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or Internet of Things, in English – with the acronym “IoT” -, also concerns the interconnection between several electronic objectives with relationships often intermediated by applications. For example, we can have these apps on smartwatches that need applications to manage devices.

This is an example of the use of applications associated with the Internet of Things. There is a strong belief that the technology industry is increasingly placing solutions of this type on the market to meet customer demand. In this sense, developing and improving existing apps is essential, even as a way to stand out within the market.

In short, the situation observed in 2020 in the sector helps us to foresee a new year in which consumption habits are not expected to change radically, but, as in all markets, the demand of consumers will be increasingly greater, causing improvements in applications are a constant.

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