By Armando Vale

2020 turned out to be a very unusual year for all economic areas. Fortunately, given the characteristics of the Esports itself, there was a beautiful adaptation so that everything that is competitions would continue to develop. After all, the essence comes from your online competition and, being at home, everyone would have the conditions to continue to compete.

However, in my opinion, it was not the best year for Esports at all.

In addition to removing the face-to-face phases that are the culmination of this beautiful show and where it is possible to raise a product to a brutal level, some competitions whose development role in Esports are quite relevant have been lost: Whether a Moche XL Esports in Portugal or Final of the FIFA World Cup, eNations Cup, among many others and other varied video games.

I believe that all the exposure that the Esports took, being one of the only products to continue in action, was positive in terms of recognition of an area that we want to affirm even more. Still, I think it was just that, more exposure. With this increase in visibility, there was no direct result so positive because the general situation was not the best to really leverage Esports.

With regard to the national team, I believe it has come to harm itself. The fact that we lost our concentrations and face-to-face jobs affected us to some extent. Both the relationship between the players and the dynamics. It turns out not to be totally negative because all the main competitions have been canceled, but in the development of the FPF Efootball as a reference in the global eFootball it ends up hampering its own growth despite the excellent response given in adapting all conditions for exclusively online models.

I believe that 2021 may bring us a little more than 2019 has got us used to, but at least the way we work 2020 has given us the basis to face all the challenges, if no improvement is expected.

As for the players, the year was atypical and I am sorry that many are making their debut in conditions that are not the best (presence in online finals instead of face-to-face) and that some more experienced ones will lose out with that. Still, for the good guys, it ends up being a big challenge and we will continue to have the best on the best stages.

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