The vaccination process against COVID-19 in Portugal officially started on December 27th. Even before it started, the SMS sent by the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC) in collaboration with the General Directorate of Health (DGS) was delivered to 11.2 million active numbers in the country, says the Ministry of Internal Administration .

In a statement to the national press, the Ministry details that the content of the messages, which indicate that the vaccine is “optional, but recommended and free” and that they explain that the NHS should be contacted, was sent “electronically to the mobile communications operators, who in turn send it to their customers, which allows a very significant coverage of the population to be achieved “.

According to the authorities, the SMS was intended as a “warning to the population in order to raise citizens’ awareness of the vaccination period against COVID-19”. However, the Jornal de Negócios advances that its reception sparked unrest on social networks, as it could be interpreted as an imminent call.

Remember that, according to the vaccination plan against COVID-19, released on December 17, users of the National Health Service will be contacted by SMS in order to indicate whether they want to be vaccinated.

Users will be identified based on the list of Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS), which will be made available to Health Center Groups (ACES), and then contacted by SMS message for “checking interest for vaccination COVID-19”. If you answer “yes”, the schedule is effective and the user will receive a new message with the date, time and location of the vaccination.

Vaccination plan against COVID-19 “data-title =” Vaccination plan against COVID-19 – 11.2 million SMS have already been sent about the beginning of the vaccination process against COVID-19 – SAPO Tek “> Vaccination plan against COVID-19

To help clarify doubts about vaccines against COVID-19, a new web page exclusively dedicated to the vaccination process and which will have periodic updates throughout 2021. Featured on the website designed by the Government in conjunction with the task force, DGS and SPMS is a simulation that the user can fill in to find out when he will be called by the NHS for vaccination.

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